Car in the Drink, Charleston

by macksemil

While sitting in my truck at the Charleston boat ramp a few weeks back a strange thing happened. The South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve was doing a paddle in the estuary that morning, and they were using one of the docks at the boat ramp to put their kayaks and canoes in the water.

A few friends of mine from SSNERR came over and were chatting with me when I heard shouts of “NONONONONO!” coming from across the parking lot. I looked over just in time to see this Subaru roll over the edge of the parking lot, down the rocks, and into the channel that connects the small boat basin to the main channel in Charleston.

Due to this being the most exciting thing to happen in Charleston all summer, the nearby rocks quickly filled up with people wanting to witness the event. The car slowly floated across the channel and sank, while a canoe with two well-intentioned folks quickly abandoned efforts to tow the car back to the boat ramp and focused immediately on becoming detached from the sinking vehicle before they too were pulled under.

All it took was an hour, a tow truck, a flatbed, the coast guard and a commercial diver to remedy the channel being partially blocked but sadly I feel that the Subaru is now out of commission. Apparently this was all due to a forgotten parking brake when someone jumped out for a moment to grab something from their boat. My condolences to the owner.