Good morning Salem

by macksemil

Good morning from the beautiful Cherry City. I came to town last night for my father’s birthday dinner. This is the earliest I have woken up in two weeks and I am watching the sun rise through the window on a crisp fall morning. I was really looking foreward to the fall in the valley and it is not dissapointing, with cool nights and warm afternoons. The leaves are changing and the first frost is not far away.

I also came to Salem to take a statistics test today. Due to an unfortunate turn of events I left my backpack in a Coos Bay bound car. The backpack had my computer and borrowed scientific calculator in it so I will be calculating my standard deviations by hand (with the help of an unscientific calculator), which is tedious.

The Idyltime show at the Campbell Club was a great time. We followed a mariachi band and started playing to an empty room. About four songs in the room filled up with people all at once and things got rowdy. We cranked out about 5 or 6 of our higher-energy tunes in a row to keep people dancing which was really great. Now I have a nice blister on my finger from trying to play loud since we were all acoustic.

The next day I went to breakfast with the band and we came back to our mandolin player Ian’s cousin’s place which is just down the street from my house. She and her husband played some tunes with us in the sun on the back deck of their house. After that we parted ways for a while.

Later that evening I was coerced into going to see Gogol Bordello at the MacDonald theater. I was fairly exhausted and my lower left extremity has been giving me some trouble lately so there was no mosh pitting for me but the band was really high energy and entertaining. And apparently they enjoy The Beer Stien in Eugene, since we saw most of the band there before the show. Perhaps I’ll edit this post and add pictures when I get my grubby little digital hands on them.

Today I’ll return to Eugene, go swimming, play some cards or dice at the Campbell Club. My bread box is almost done. On Wednesday I am going camping in the woods with my good friend Brendan which should be a blast, it’s been too long since we had an adventure together. Thinking of heading down to the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture in Weed, CA for a concert this weekend. And then up to Portland early next week to see the infamous Wallace sisters, the elder of which has recently gotten hitched.

The sisters Wallace and myself, at the BBCRC last summer