Autumn in Eugene

by macksemil

The fall is trying to start but the sun is shining through my window right now. I have been a little sick the last three days or so, I decided to stay in Eugene instead of head down to BBCRC. On Friday night I started a brew with by friend Shaun. We got a creamy coffee stout started and it will be ready in a few weeks. I finished my bread box at the Campbell Club, and will post a picture when I get a chance.

Yesterday I took a hike up Spencer’s Butte to look at the fall colors in the valley. The first fall rain came about two hours after I got down from the top. This was rumored to be the start of the rainy season but it has already cleared and it partly cloudy outside right now. This has been a great fall so far.

Last night I went to a show at the WOW Hall in Eugene in an attempt to see the Alder Street All Stars and Sea Bell. I have been friends with the Allstars for a bit and wanted to hear their new configuration with a fiddle and bass, and I’ve been hearing good things about Sea Belle. Unfortunately they had both finished playing by the time we got there, so we watched Wahmpire and Adventure Galley instead, which was alright. I saw some old co-op friends at the WOW hall which were nice to catch up with. It was nice walking through the rain in Eugene with Sydney and Troy.

Today I’m headed to Portland to see the aforementioned Wallace sisters, we might make our way out to the Brightenbush Hot Springs tomorrow. I’ve got to wrap this one up, I’m heading up to Salem to have dinner and hang out with my mother for the evening.