Portland Adventure

by macksemil

On Sunday I drove up to Josie and Marie’s place in Portland. We played some music and had delicious food for a few days. On Monday I went to the Goodwill bins and scored some awesome items. I got five 1/2 gallon glass jars for putting my brew into once that is finished. I also got a full sized hand-sewn Oregon flag and a new backpack.

Monday night a few of us went out to the Hawthorne Theatre to watch Old Man Markley. They were a 9-piece bluegrass/americana type band that played very high energy songs. They put on a great show and we all had fun dancing and drinking cheap beer. Best free show ever. Unfortunately we missed my friend McDougall’s opening set.

After that we went with one of Todd’s friends from Lawrence to his house and played a crazy game called Teamball. If you have a junked pool table and a sense of overwhelming awesome, you should play this game. All the time.

The next day, we had an amazing breakfast at Paradox Cafe, then parted ways for the time being. After a nap, and visiting my good friend Elshire in Lake Oswego, I went to pick up my father from the Portland Airport and slowly made my way back to Eugene.

Halloween is coming up, which leaves me the usual shortage of time to think of a costume and decide what I am going to do. Bob is going to have an insanely insane party in Salem, which makes me think I should make the trip up there and observe the hilarity/try not to get arrested. Six fucking bands. Six.