The Leaves Keep On

by macksemil

Autumn is hanging on, with a warm southerly weather system in Eugene. The treeline was shrouded in fog all day today.

Halloween in Salem was fun, I ended up changing my costume mid-party to Wilson from Home Improvement. That was much better than the werewolf mask, since it was hot and sweaty and impossible to drink with. The world series brought our good family friends to my parents’ house in Salem, which I enjoyed the company of.

Monday I walked from home to the Eugene Free School‘s workshop space to a benefit show for Cascadia Forest Defense. They have a campaign now to save the Trapper Timber Sale. Information can be found at either of the two previous links. The band Holy!Holy!Holy! came from Portland on the first stop of their tour to play. The Alder Street All Stars finished out the set.

Tonight the band Holy!Holy!Holy! came to the Campbell Club and showed a movie called EndCiv. The film was well done. It contained some of the best pieces of Derrick Jensen‘s Endgame lecture with educational interludes on other issues such as native culture, clearcutting, Suncor’s Tar Sands Oil operation in Alberta and the green washing practiced by many corporations.

I’ve started writing my zine on salmon, I have a lot left to do. But it’s a start. I had a phone interview with my fisheries observing company in Alaska, and that went quite well. Things to think about.

The days lately have been a little strange, settling down eventually feels like sinking in.

More story and photo posts very soon.