West Coast Train Shots

by macksemil

I’ve got a collection of train photos from a few years ago. These were taken in the summer of 2008 while riding freight around the West Coast. These photos are in no particular order.

This photo was taken while I was riding North out of Oakland. I had ridden the hotshot train I-OASE from Desert Yard in Oakland up to Klamath Falls. They parked the train under the overpass for seven hours so I jumped on the first thing rolling out of there, which happened to be this junk train which took me back to Eugene.

The sky was really nice at this time.

Taken from the I-OASE. I woke up just north of Dunsmuir to the view of the river.

Sided waiting for Amtrak, some Maintenance of Way vehicles parked on a storage track. I liked how the sun hit the rails in this picture.

Somewhere way back in the Cascades on a nice summer afternoon, you have to be on the rails or on foot to get this view.

Gondola full of scraps of cardboard and wood. The cardboard was handy for hiding under while leaving the Klamath Falls yard to avoid being seen by workers from units.

Dexter Lake, outside of Eugene. Going up.

Ringling brothers circus train.

From a bridge about 100 feet above the forest floor to a tunnel about 100 feet below the peak of the hill.

Black Butte from the I-OASE on the way back to Oregon.