The Amateur American Hobo : An Introduction

by macksemil

These memories will be pieced together from a journal that I was hired by a friend to write about the trip. I don’t think he really wants it back. Which is good, because I’m not done writing it yet. However, once I finish writing it, I will offer it back. Until then I have the internet to ramble to about what I can pull from it in order to jog my memory and finally finish the journal almost a year since I returned to Oregon.

I will break this story into a series of convenient chunks depending on how much material there is to cover between stops on the trip. Keep in mind that this trip was two and a half months long and full of crazy people and situations.

Hopefully you will find some enjoyment in the tales of misadventure that this series contains. Maybe, just maybe, I can rekindle a sense of adventure in my spatially sedentary audience. And for those who are not sedentary, maybe some kinship and solidarity. It was a horrible idea but we did it anyway, because that’s what made it so god damned hilarious.

It’s like they say; I’d rather die living than live dying.