Two Weeks

by macksemil

I’ve been in fast forward for a few weeks, just starting to wind down Monday when the band left for Coos Bay again. I guess I’ll start at the beginning and work my way back to the present. I’m doing this list style since I will most likely have a hard time remembering what happened where.

Thursday the 4th – Baby Dude and Erin Grady came back from a month and a half of Youth Corps trail work in Arizona. I postponed my trip to Coos Bay to hang out in Eugene with them. They brought their whole trail crew with them, and everyone got drunk on the porch of the Campbell Club.

Friday the 5th – I drove to Coos Bay to practice with Idyltime. We went to our friend Brian Ibach’s house outside of Coquille to do a dry run with sound equipment. His house was hand built, as were his mandolins and fiddle. What an inspiration that was. After that the band went back to the Glasgow house and had a good old fashioned jam for a few hours.

Saturday the 6th – I woke up, grabbed a cup of bean juice and hit the road toward Charleston. I checked the surf but it wasn’t worth the paddle so I had a nice ocean-watching morning before heading up to South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve for a class on estuaries as part of Oregon State’s Master Naturalist outreach program. I would like to do more of these classes in future, and I recommend them to anyone interested in Oregon’s ecology and natural history. After the class I went to meet up with Idyltime at Walt’s Pourhouse in Coos Bay where we played a fun and drunken show to a packed bar.

Sunday the 7th – Got a late start due to the aforementioned drunken show the night before. Had breakfast with the band and Ian’s friend Chief from the Coast Guard came over and set up a large amount of high tech gear in the living room with which to record us with. We spent nine hours recording and got six tracks down before we called it quits. Chief told us he would come back if we learned a song by Led Zeppelin, I forgot which one. That’s a pretty small price to pay for a professionally mixed recording. Awesome. Chief also turned us on to a band called Annie and the Beekepers which he remastered some tracks for. Check them out, they are a little slower but sound great.

Monday the 8th – Intended to leave Coos Bay the night before but left Monday instead. I stopped for the night in Eugene and got ready to head to Salem the next day. A night of much needed rest. Today I got the job as a fisheries observer for Alaskan Observers, Inc. I will start training in Seattle on the 27th of December then head up to Dutch Harbor in mid-January. The training I will be going to in Alaska is housing me six blocks from my friend Leah’s place in Seattle. By the way, if you read this, the line “Oh life, you are full of so many things” in the title of my blog was a quote from you.

Tuesday the 9th – Finished up homework, studying and errands then took a statistics test at Chemeketa in Salem. Dinner with the family, had a few with Bob and Gabe (recently returned to Salem on leave from the USAF) at the compound.

Wednesday the 10th – Stuck around town for the afternoon, had dinner with Greg in the evening, then headed to a family friend Don’s place in Portland to crash for the night. He told me stories about Alaska and Colombia and showed me some cool pictures.

Thursday the 11th – Got some breakfast with Erik in Portland and talked about heading to LA on a road trip to pick up Griff and bring him back to the Northwest. This plan was eventually foiled because Griff got a job. What a sellout. At noon-ish I picked up my friend Tori at the airport. She just got done with her first three months working as a fisheries observer in Alaska; the same job I will be working in January. I picked her brain about the situation up there on the drive back to Eugene. That night we went to kick it with some friends from OIMB.

Friday the 12th – Friday in the afternoon Sydney and I rode our bikes down to campus and tossed a frisbee for an hour or so. I found a pair of bright pink headphones in the grass which work perfectly. I will use them in Alaska while working. Groundscore. Later on I made some fliers for the Idyltime show on Saturday and put some up. Later in the evening I headed to a party in the Whiteaker at Amy Fox and Renee’s place. Cass got her tent up, which is awesome.

Saturday the 13th – Enchilada potluck at my place with lots of good food and people. Clark and his friend Chris returned from California. Rock. The band showed up later and we played a few practice songs by the fire and drank adult beverages. After a while the majority of the folks took off for another party so we ran through some songs for the show the next day and went to bed.

Sunday the 14th – Band practice in the afternoon, loading equipment, moving it over to Sam Bond’s Garage for the show. We sound checked then opened for Head for the Hills from Colorado. Nice guys, great musicians. Our set came off alright, lots of our friends came out which was great. Thanks everyone that came to the show. After driving the equipment back home, a handful of us stayed up way too late bullshitting and drinking cheap beer.

Monday the 15th – Recovery day.

Tuesday the 16th – Homework, cleaning, dinner and a movie with Clark and Chris. Went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at The David Minor Theater. 2$ movie night rules. After cleaning up dinner I headed to Max’s Tavern which I hadn’t been to in years. Played some trivial pursuit with Occy, Jessie and Tori. Smoked Tori at a game of pool before walking home.

Wednesday the 17th – Homework, cleaning, this. Getting my shit together, taking it easy after a lot of crazy. Clark and Chris left for California again today. Clark is going to go get on a sailboat with some folks and learn how to sail for a few months. We will have some crazy sea stories to share when he gets back.

Another test next week, Thursday Elshire might come down to Eugene. Idyltime will be playing at Sharkbites Cafe in downtown Coos Bay this Friday night, 8pm. And at a fundraiser for Hauser elementary school in Hauser, OR the next early afternoon. Then it’s back to Eugene for my 25th birthday.

If I get my hands on some pictures from this last few weeks I’ll put them up, but I lost my camera for a few weeks.