Rain time

by macksemil

The rain has set in, the sky has a dark hue to it. I saw a rainbow this morning though.

A week and a half ago my grandmother Dorothy Buchanan passed away. This Friday is the service. It was a long four days in the hospital with the family but she passed away peacefully with the family around. The last few weeks have been spent mostly with the family or studying, doing homework, and taking tests. I’ve had a few fun nights with friends in between the chaos.

Gabriel the Angel left two days ago for South Korea. See ya in two years. In other news, 60% of the US attack sub fleet is in or being sent to the Pacific. Apparently, according to leaked embassy cables, China will not back North Korea in a conflict. Who can believe any of the shit they release anyway.

Today I will take the last test in my statistics class, I had a 7 and 1/2 hour bout with the homework machine last night which left me drained. I’m so glad to be done with this class soon. Two and a half weeks until I start training in Seattle. Three weeks after that I will begin my Alaska adventure.

Moving back in with the parents until I leave, I have been mostly in Salem for the last few weeks anyway. Going to Eugene today for to pick my things up from Troy’s place and move them home on Friday morning.

Idyltime’s show at Sharkbite’s Cafe the 11th got cancelled. I want to go out into the woods instead; hot springs, waterfalls, big trees.Yes. Our show on the 17th still stands apparently. Sharkbites’ rock hall. Hopefully our new CD should be out soon. I will be painting my parents’ kitchen until the 16th.

Day 4 sober and smoke free.

I’ll get some more of the Amateur American Hobo story up soon. Promise.