Dutch Harbor again

by macksemil


Hey everyone,

I’m back in Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the rest of June. As of now, it looks like I will be spending a few weeks on a longliner fishing for Sablefish (aka Black Cod) then returning to Seattle to debrief in early July. The weather up here now is much better than the weather this winter of course, and although my new boat is only 68 feet long I have high hopes for avoiding seasickness.

Apparently the Sablefish Longline fishery affords ample opportunity to see whales, especially orcas and sperm whales. Although this will be exciting, I must make an effort to contain myself becuase the whales will be eating the fish that the fishermen are trying to catch. This is commonly referred to as “being whaled on.”

Anyway, I will be doing a longer and more detailed update of my second contract up here when I get back. For now, enjoy the mainland and wish me luck on the high seas.