The Reward

by macksemil

Lately I have been having a lot of fun. Summer is here which means summer adventures, which are my favorite thing in the whole fucking world.

Some highlights :

Fourth of July camping trip with 20ish Eugene friends. Four days of debauchery, swimming, shooting guns, swimming, beer, excellent live music around the campfire, way too many fireworks, free camping in woods, swimming, smiling, whiskey, whiskey and whiskey.

Attempted floating advenutre on the Willamette River. I was going to put in on the lower McKenzie in Eugene and float for three days to Salem. Instead, my raft that I had built flipped over in the first hour and I ended up in a log jam. Of the essential things for a rafting trip, I lost all. The bag of food, water jug and raft. Other casualties were my knife, hat, umbrella and ego. This is a story that requires more elaboration, but that will have to come later when I have more time.

Getting my first trespassing ticket for riding a train in Eugene. The bull’s name was Steve Irwin. I have a court date on the seventeenth of August for a misdemeanor violation. The whole episode was hilarious and frustrating at the same time. We caught another train that night out of the yard and had no problems. A note to people who call the police when they see train riders : Fuck you, fun-hating assholes!

Great music and party at the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture. There were some old time fiddlers so I got to play a couple tunes for the first time in a while. Aranya and Into the Rhine were great. Unfortunately due to complications in Eugene we missed the previous night’s music.

Riding a six person rail-bike on the abandoned tracks of the McCloud Railway in Northern California. We missed a switch and ended up in the old abandoned yard and had to be picked up. The run was gorgeous with lots of going fast downhill and stopping to look at neat relics on the side of the road.

Some future plans in the works :

Writing, Montana, California, Western Canada, Surfing, Port Townsend, Hiking.

That is all for now, I’ll try to get some more writing out here soon. For now enjoy the first real installment of the Amateur American Hobo series!