Bikes and Camp

by macksemil

A little over a week ago I got a new bike. A 1987 Dave Scott Centurion, pictured above. I’ve been having a lot of fun going on bike rides with it, it is the first “nice” bike I have owned. Last Friday I rode from Salem to Silver Falls State Park, a 27 mile ride that terminated in a grueling 5 mile hill to climb into the park. I rode up to the summer camp I used to work at for the YMCA and visited for a night. While there, the camp director Z convinced me to come work for a few days this week. Saturday I rode out, only making it to 5 miles outside of Salem due to a few spokes on my back tire breaking on an uphill section. On Sunday I did the Portland Bridge Pedal. Ten of the bridges in Portland were closed (at least partially) to vehicle traffic and starting at 7am thousands of cyclists criss-crossed over the river. The ride I was on took me from downtown to the Sellwood bridge all the way up to St. John’s bridge for a total of 36 miles. My favorite was the St. John’s bridge which offered epic views of the river.

After the ride on Sunday I drove back to camp and volunteered as a counselor for a few days while a staff member (one of my old campers!) had to take care of family business. Being up in the Silver Falls park is beautiful, and it reminded me of the happy summers spent at camp when I was younger. If you’re in the area and haven’t been, go check out Silver Falls State Park and hike the trail of the ten falls. It’s well worth your while.

I’m almost done with another entry of the Amateur American Hobo series, so keep your eyes open for that. This week I will be taking care of little things and enjoying the beautiful Portland summertime in my new house in Southeast. I have moved in with a bunch of nice people for the next month or so and I am enjoying my time before heading to central America for the Fall.