Willamette Valley August

by macksemil

Lately I’ve been riding trains a bit. I rode this grainer down to Eugene to my court date where I was assessed a one hundred dollar penalty for trespassing on railroad property. That’s about the cheapest trespassing ticket I’ve ever heard of, and it was dropped to a violation so it’s not on my record. The assistant DA was “interested in the activity due to a certain amount of romanticism attached to it.” The judge observed that “hooking a ride on a freight train” is a “very dangerous activity.” I walked to the payment desks after I was dismissed while Clark listened to the judge call out the rest of the people cited during the incident, none of which appeared. Not even the mysterious Bradley McMohan, a name strangely similar to Clark’s.

Living at the New Asia house in Portland is going really well. It’s nice to have a place to rest and shower when I need it. The community here is pretty amazing. We all get a lot of kicks out of just taking care of the place. Last week a new chicken area went in so the chickens would stop getting into the neighbors’ yard and digging up their garden. We also cleaned out the house and took a truck and a half to the dump. Last night Marie, Dean, Ryan, Lauren, Hamish and I all tried to figure out how to break the bottom off of bottles in order to use them for hoppers for filtering lye out of ash to make soap. The lye is getting stronger and today Marie and Dean are going to try to finish the process. Living with people who are into DIY projects is awesome. Cedar and Brooke left for Cave Junction and they will be missed. Pictured above is Cedar in the tree right outside of the New Asia house on 37th street in Southeast Portland. I will only be living here another three weeks as well before I head off to Nicaragua for October.

 I’ve got a few more weeks of enjoying the Willamette Valley summertime before I have to think about the next steps. There are some good family friends coming to visit from Colombia in a few weeks which I am very excited about. I am planning to go live on their finca in San Agustin, Colombia for a month starting in November.  I’m trying to take it one step at a time, enjoying my time. Soon enough I’ll be back in the Bering Sea dreaming of green leaves, warm nights and solid ground.