Weekend in Weed

by macksemil

Last week I rode this train down to Dunsmuir, California. The ride took only ten hours from Eugene and I was able to find the above pictured car to ride. The “wind skirt” on the sides is a new addition to the piggyback trailers that allows a rider to hide from view. It was windy and cold coming over the pass but I had a lot of room to spread out. I woke up just north of Dunsmuir and realized that I didn’t have my wallet with me any longer. Either it had fallen through the cracks off of the train in the middle of the night, or I left it at a friends’ place in Eugene. After a half day of stressing out about losing all my cash, cards and ID I got a hold of my friend in Eugene who had found it. I hitched from Dunsmuir to Weed easily and had a good time at the BBCRC’s Fall Work Party. The days were hot and a lot of work got done. I met a few Alaskan fishermen who rode trains at the work party which was funny, we knew some of the same people.

I worked on painting part of the shed, hauling brush out of the woods, cleaning up a deck building project and the regular cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. The crowd was a little smaller than the past work parties which was nice. On Saturday afternoon Clark and I went swimming at lake Siskiyou with some people from the work party. The spot was awesome, with a bridge to jump off and a rope swing. The water was comfortable and clean. It was a great break from the dusty, hot day at the property. When we returned it was time for another great meal and some bullshitting around the campfire, the preferred evening activity.

On Sunday I caught another train back over the pass to Eugene. On the way we stopped in a tunnel for a few hours.  The moon was nearly full, illuminating the forested hillsides through the Cascade Mountains. Arriving in Eugene at 5:30, I jumped off the boxcar two blocks from my friend Renee’s house and went to sleep on the couch on her porch until later in the morning. We played some hot dice on the trampoline and made quesadillas before my friend Kara gave me a ride to Salem where I recovered my truck and headed back to Portland, exhausted. Now to think about leaving for Nicaragua in a few weeks.