by macksemil

I have made it to Nicaragua. The story of how I came to be here is forthcoming. I have settled nicely into my routine here in San Juan Del Sur.

San Juan Del Sur is a small town on the southern coast of Nicaragua, not far from the border with Costa Rica. It is frequented by tourists from all over the world and most of the town is businesses that cater to these visitors. However, it is not a resort town and the local businesses are run by Nicaraguan families that live in the town. I am living with a family just on the edge of town in a quaint little home. The Ruiz Esperanza family have been wonderful hosts to me.

Every day I wake up around 7, do some reading, shower, eat breakfast and go to school at 8. My instructor for this week is a man named Silvio. He is one year younger than me, used to be a surfer before he hurt himself on a big day at playa Maderas, and is in his third of five years studying to be a Biologist. He is a good teacher and I feel like I have covered a lot of ground already. I am told that I will be changing teachers next week.

After school, at noon, I return to the house and have some lunch. Then I put on sunblock, change into my swim trunks and put my contacts in. I have rented a board for a week through a surf shop in town called Adena Caliente who are friends of the family. The whole deal was about 50 dollars and I can change out the board at any time within the week. Therefore, I have access to the whole lot of boards that the surf shop owns for a week at a time. At one, I go to the surf shop and pay 4 dollars to get a ride in the Land Cruiser to a nearby beach with good surf. The last few days that has been Playa Maderas but the surf is supposed to be getting bigger soon so we may go to another beach by the weekend. The waves Tuesday were pretty good for longboarding, I caught one of the best waves I’ve had all year. Wednesday was fun but a little sloppier, with a bad wind coming from the south.

At 5 or 6 we return from the beach and I walk home barefoot to shower, eat, study, read and write before going to sleep. The sun rises at 6 and sets at 6, the variation between these hours yearly is only minutes. Nicaragua is dynamic and full of life. This weekend I will have some more time in which I can sit down at the computer and write the story of my trip down here, and possibly put another entry into the Amateur American Hobo series. Thanks for staying tuned, talk to you later.